Frequently Asked Questions : 

What makes Palmetto Moon Properties different from traditional real estate companies?

Palmetto Moon Properties was created to do real estate differently…your way! If you want to sell your property fast and keep more of your hard-earned equity, you’ve found your team. At Palmetto Moon Properties, we don’t simply say we put clients first, we do it daily by helping you keep more of your proceeds from selling your property while giving you all the services, marketing, and access that any other full-service traditional brokerage offers. The difference is in your pocketbook. Instead of charging you an expensive commission percentage for listing agent representation, you only pay a flat, fair fee at closing! (Click here to see how much you save with our flat fee listing). The buyer’s agent is still compensated at a very competitive 2.5% or normal 3% which is your choice. If you’re looking to buy another home after you sell, our Buyer’s Bonus Program can’t be beat. We help you make the best purchase to build equity and reward you with a buyer’s bonus!

What is the difference between other full-service agents and SC Property Gals?

Charlene, Michelle, and Trisha, affectionately known as SC Property Gals, each came from traditional real estate firms. They opened Palmetto Moon Properties Carolinas LLC because they believe you deserve a full-service real estate brokerage team that has your best interests at heart. They live up to the company tagline, Stellar Service. Simply the Best. They help you find or sell your property, negotiate the best price and follow through inspections and other paperwork to get you to the closing table. With SC Property Gals you get everything traditional agents provide and much more! Our goal to make the process of buying and/or selling your property as simple and efficient as possible for you, while still earning you the highest return on your investment.

What is the MLS (Multiple Listings Service)?

The Multiple Listings Service (MLS) is a national marketing database that is set up by a group of cooperating real estate brokers. The MLS provides accurate and structured information about properties available for sale and is the most popular way that buyers, sellers and agents find available homes for sale in their target market. Our local branch in Columbia is called Consolidated Multiple Listing Service.

Do I really need to be on the MLS to sell my home?

Property sells all the time without being listed on the MLS, but it takes significantly more time and work. Over 90 percent of buyers start their search on the Internet, and over 80 percent of agents utilize the MLS to stay up to date with what is on the market. When considering these statistics, the MLS stands out as undoubtedly the best way to get your property in front of potential buyers. MLS listing gives your home the exposure and placement necessary to be found by motivated agents and buyers, not only locally but Internationally. If you want to try to sell your home yourself, we do offer our one time Listing Only Service .

Do I pay up front to list my home with Palmetto Moon Properties?

No! There are no upfront fees to hire us to list your property. You can choose our MLS Only Service which is one-time fee paid when you order. When you partner with SC Property Gals to sell your home, the flat fee will be paid to the listing agent at closing as a line item on the settlement statement. The buyer’s agent’s commission paid to their brokerage is also paid at closing and is listed on the settlement statement.

Are there any additional Listing Agent fees?

No. The flat fee includes everything related to listing and selling your home with all the benefits of a full-service broker, but at a much lower cost to you. We make it easy to sell your house and not worry about the costs; our goal is to sell your home at the best price for you.

Does is cost me to hire Palmetto Moon Properties to help me Buy a Property?

Absolutely not! In SC, sellers typically pay both sides of commission. We will ask sellers to cover up to 4% of your closing costs and since they pay our commission, it cost you nothing to hire us to represent and negotiate for you. Plus, our Buyer’s Bonus Program gives you more buying power. It’s a win-win. More importantly, we walk you through the process step-by-step and make it as smooth a transaction as possible. Buying a home should be fun and we strive to make sure our buyers have that experience.

How do negotiations work with Palmetto Moon Properties during a home purchase or sale?

Palmetto Moon Properties is dedicated to making sure you receive the best bang for your buck whether you’re a seller or a buyer. We work to maximum value whether you’re selling, or you are a first-time homebuyer. SC Property Gals will negotiate the sale or purchase of property with the potential buyer or selling agent, presenting all offers to you and providing recommendations on counter offers when necessary.

How long does it take to list my home?

When listing your home with us, it will appear in the MLS and on dozens of real estate websites within one to three business days. Once we meet and tour your home, provide you with a free market analysis, and you sign all your paperwork giving us permission to sell your home, we try to have it up in 24 hours. Sometimes that isn’t possible so we like to let people know it could take longer..

Can I cancel my listing?

Yes. You can cancel your MLS listing at any point during the selling process. That being  said, we have an incredibly high success rate and are confident you will be happy with our service.

Do I need to provide photos for my listing?

No. Palmetto Moon Properties hires a professional photographer to produce high-quality, compelling images for each listing. We also offer optional aerials and drone videos.

Will my listing look like other MLS listings?

Yes, they’ll be in the same familiar format used around the internet. Our timely responses & attention to detail, you can count on us to show your home effectively and bring you a contract at the earliest opportunity.

Can I edit my MLS listing?

Absolutely! We require an MLS input sheet for all properties but to request changes, simply email: and we will get your changes entered within 24 hours.

Is a yard sign included with my listing?

Yes, all signs and marketing materials are provided to you at no additional cost.

Are there any questions we can answer for you? 

Please feel free to ask us below. 


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